3 Most Popular Noodle shop (Ramen) in Japan

3 Most Popular Noodle shop (Ramen) in Japan – The drama and Japanese cartoon lovers would often treated to ramen, as a typical Japanese cuisine. Ramen is a Japanese cuisine noodle soup that comes from China. Many people are desperate to go to a restaurant or tavern Japanese cuisine just for the culinary taste.

Adventures Ramen founder, Brian MacDuckston, gave three well-known locations delicious ramen shops in Japan. Three shops are Kururi, Bassanovam and Harukiya. Check out the story behind these three delicious ramen shop.

1. Kururi

You can find a shop Kururi in 3-2 Ichigaya Tamachi, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo and Minami 3-70-1 Koenji, Suginami-ku, Tokyo. It turned out that this shop has picked up many awards you know!

“They wear different kinds of miso paste, and fried noodles with fresh vegetables and add the broth,” says Brian.

This ramen shop is very popular, so you must wait in line while sitting. Visitors usually have to wait 20 minutes or even an hour to get anywhere. Miso ramen made ​​Kururi priced at 700 Yen.

2. Bassanova

Ramen is really tempting. Bassanova shops located in Hanegi 1-4-18, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 03.

“To tonkotu cream soup made ​​from pork bones warm, come to Bassanova in Shindaita,” advises Brian.

Hidangann palinbg this shop is popular in green curry ramen was sold for 850 yen.

3. Harukiya

Harukiya a ramen shop that offers a different and unique ramen. This shop is located in Ueogi 1-4-6, Suginami-ku, Tokyo and Honmachi 2-14-1, Kichijoji, Musashino-shi, Tokyo.

According to Brian, “Do this to ramen-style menu of traditional or original.”

Traditional shoyu soup comes with slices of dried fish such as tuna and sardines dry dry intact. Do this only holds eight subscribers only. For the wonton ramen priced 1200 Yen with the pocket, chuka soba 800 yen and 1900 yen Omori chashu wonton.

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