10 Best Roadside Hawker in The World

10 Best Roadside Hawker in The World – The culinary side of the road is a mainstay of food that tourists are often hunted, when they’re on vacation somewhere. Each state has a popular snack sold on the roadside. The following is The World’s Best Street Food version of the Lonely Planet!

1. Mohinga, Burma

Noodle soup made of thick fish broth served with rice or peanut powder. Typically, this soup contains a combination of onion, round thin noodles, and chopped cilantro.

2. Banh mi, Vietnam

Apparently the world’s best sandwich was not found in Rome, Copenhagen or even New York, but on the streets of Vietnam. Starting with baguette bread baked on the coals, and then given a dab of mayonnaise, pate (spread a paste of meat and fat), vegetables, pickles, and condiments. To enjoy this sandwich, you can add seasoning of soy sauce and spicy chili.

3. Daulat ki chaat, Delhi, India

This very famous snack along the way Old Delhi, especially in winter. Sweet taste and texture of milk mixed with turmeric to give the orange-white color of interest. Varg sometimes added, a layer of edible silver leaf.

4. Phat Kaphrao, Thailand

This food is made from a mixture of basil leaves, chopped pork, chicken, chili, and chopped long beans fried together. The dish is seasoned with fish sauce and a little sugar. Then served with rice and fried eggs.

5. Burek, Bosnia-Herzegovina

Burek is a street hawker in the Balkans. Pastry dough filled with minced meat flavorful, spinach, cheese, and spices. The dough was milled and polished with butter or olive oil, then baked until cooked. Burek you can enjoy every moment.

6. Sfenj, Morocco

A kind of croissant that comes from Morocco. Freshwater sponge dough made from yeast dough without milk or butter. These snacks are usually served for breakfast and snacks in the afternoon.
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